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Portillo’s is a well-loved American Restaurant chain celebrated for its Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, and delectable chocolate cake. Portillo’s has a Substantial presence, Boasting over 70 Locations across the United States, with a strong Focus on the Midwest and Southwest regions.

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Portillo’s Menu Prices

Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and more at affordable prices.

Hot Dogs

ItemsPrice & Size
hot dogJumbo: $4.89
Regular: $3.89
Plant-Based: $4.19
Chili Cheese DogJumbo: $6.19
Regular: $5.19
Char Grilled Maxwell Street Polish SausageOn a Hot Dog Bun: $6.19
On French Bread: $6.19
Char Grilled Polish Sausage$6.19
Plant-based Garden Dog$4.19

Italian Beef & Sausage Sandwiches

ItemPrice & Size
Italian Beef SandwichBig: +$9.59
Regular: +$7.59
Combo Beef & Char Grilled Italian Sausage SandwichBig: +$11.69
Regular: +$8.79
Char-Grilled Italian Sausage Sandwich$6.19
Beef & Cheddar Croissant$7.89
Char Grilled Maxwell Street Polish SausageHot Dog Bun: +$6.19
On French Bread: +$6.19
Char Grilled Polish Sausage Sandwich$6.19
Gravy Bread$2.29
Sweet Peppers$0.75
Hot Peppers$0.75

Portillo’s Beef Bowls

Classic Beef Bowl$7.59
Chicago Combo Bowl$7.99

Char-Broiled Burgers

ItemPrice & Size
Rodeo BurgerRodeo Burger: +$8.39
Double Rodeo Burger: +$11.39
CheeseburgerRodeo Burger: +$9.79
Double Rodeo Burger: +$6.49
HamburgerRodeo Burger: +$8.19
Double Rodeo Burger: +$5.79
Bacon CheeseburgerRodeo Burger: +$10.99
Double Rodeo Burger: +$7.99
Bacon HamburgerRodeo Burger: +$9.59
Double Rodeo Burger: +$7.19


ItemPrice & Size
Chopped Salad$10.69
Caesar SaladClassic Caesar Salad: +$7.69
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad: +$10.69
Greek Salad With Grilled Chicken$10.69
Garden Side Salad$5.29

Chicken & Fish

ItemPrice & Size
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$6.89
Char-Broiled Chicken Sandwich$6.49
Breaded Chicken Sandwich$6.49
Chicken TendersChicken Tenders 4 Piece: +$5.29
Chicken Tenders 6 Piece: +$7.89
Breaded Whitefish Sandwich$6.99

Sides & Soup

ItemPrice & Size
FriesSmall French Fry: +$2.89
Large French Fry: +$3.69
Cheese FriesSmall French Fry: +$3.69
Large French Fry: +$2.89
Onion RingsSmall Onion Ring: +$3.89
Large Onion Ring: +$4.79
Cheese SauceJumbo Cheese Sauce: +$4.49
Regular Cheese Sauce: +$0.99
Giardiniera Sauce$0.89
Hot Peppers$0.75
Sweet Peppers$0.75
Side of Gravy$0.29
Gravy Bread$2.29
House BreadFull Loaf: +$2.49
Half Loaf: +$1.69
French Bread$1.19
Chicken Noodle Soup$4.59
Cup of Chili$4.49
Garden Side Salad$5.29
Italian Sausage$4.59


ItemsPrice & Size
RibsFull Slab of Ribs: +$22.39
Half Slab of Ribs: +$15.29
Rib DinnerFull Slab of Ribs Dinner: +$27.39
Half Slab of Ribs Dinner: +$20.29


ItemPrice & Size
Chocolate Cake Slice$3.89
Strawberry Shortcake$3.89
Chocolate Éclair Cake$4.69
Whole Chocolate Cake$25.99


ItemPrice & Size
Bottled Drinks+$2.49
Bottle of Water$1.99
Bottle of San Pellegrino$2.89
Milk1% Lowfat Milk: +$1.99
Chocolate Milk: +$1.99
Drinks for a GroupLemonade for a Group: +$12.99
Iced Tea for a Group: +$12.99
Soft Drinks+$2.79

Shakes & Malts

ItemPrice & Size
Salted Caramel ShakeLarge Salted Caramel Shake: +$5.49
Small Salted Caramel Shake: +$4.29
Shakes and Malts+$4.99
Chocolate Cake ShakeLarge Salted Caramel Shake: +$5.79
Small Salted Caramel Shake: +$4.69

Dipping Sauces & Dressings

ItemPrice & Size
Cheese Sauce$0.89
Giardiniera Sauce$0.89
BBQ Sauce$0.49
House Dressing$0.49
Caesar Dressing$0.49
Ranch Dressing$0.49
Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette$0.49
Lite Italian Dressing$0.49
Honey Mustard$0.49
Side of Gravy$0.49
Hot Oil$0.49

Portillo’s menu kids

Portillo’s has a kids menu that features smaller portions of some of their Most popular Items. The kids menu items come with a Side of Fries and a fountain drink and are all priced under $6.

  • Hot dog: Enjoy a timeless Chicago-style hot dog complete with all the toppings.
  • Cheeseburger: Delight in a juicy char-broiled Hamburger topped with American cheese.
  • Chicken tenders: Satisfy your cravings with a Serving of fried chicken tenders accompanied by a delectable dipping sauce.
  • Mac and cheese: Savor the richness of creamy macaroni and cheese, crafted with real cheese.
  • Spaghetti and meatballs: A classic favorite, relish the combination of Spaghetti noodles smothered in tomato Sauce and accompanied by hearty meatballs.

portillo’s menu order online

You can order online from the Portillo’s website or app. To order online, go to Portillo’s website.

Here are the directions to the nearest Portillo’s: directions.

Here is a summary of the Portillo’s menu:

  • Hot dogs
  • Beef and sausage
  • Char-broiled burgers
  • Sandwiches and ribs
  • Chicken
  • Salads
  • Desserts and shakes
  • Sides and soup

Portillo’s menu allergen

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I hope this post has given you a good Overview of Portillo’s menu prices. Portillo’s, being a Well-known Restaurant chain, typically offers Food of excellent quality at reasonable Prices. If you’re looking for a Delicious and affordable meal, Portillo’s is a great option.

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