Portillo’s Nutrition Facts and Calories

If you’re on the hunt for Portillo’s nutrition facts, You’re in the right place. Discover a comprehensive list of dishes from Portillo’s restaurant, complete with details on calories, fat, protein, and more.

Portillo’s Nutrition Facts

Whether you’re aiming to shed some pounds or prioritize a healthy diet, this guide to nutritional information will prove to be a valuable resource.

Portillo’s Nutrition Information

Portillo’s Nutrition provides detailed nutritional information for all of the Items on the menu, including Italian Beef Sandwiches, Sides, Salads, and Drinks.

Beef and sausage Sandwiches

ItemCalFat Carbos Protein 
Beef N Cheddar Croissant67041g44g31g
Char-Grilled Italian Sausage63030g58g 28g
Italian Beef & Sausage Combo82046g59g40g
Italian Beef, Big Beef Sandwich104051g88g50g
Italian Beef, Regular Sandwich 69034g59g33g

Portillo’s Bowls

ItemCalFat Carbos Protein
Chicago Combo Bowl 55042g0g42g
Classic Beef Bowl36025g0g32g
Italiano Bowl 66047g 10g49g

Hot Dogs

ItemCal Fat Carbos Protein
Chili Cheese Dog, Jumbo61040g37g27g
Chili Cheese Dog, Regular 50030g 36g21g
Hot Dog with Everything, Jumbo 45025g40g18g
Hot Dog with Everything, Regular 34015g39g12g
Maxwell Street Polish57039g32g25g
Plant-Based Garden Dog32012g44g10g


ItemCalFat Carbos Protein
Bacon Burger, Double95054g43g68g
Bacon Burger, Single 67035g43g41g
Hamburger, Double90050g47g61g
Hamburger, Single57026g47g34g
Rodeo Burger, Double116066g61g77g
Rodeo Burger, Single 79040g59g47g
Slice of American Cheese907g2g4g


ItemCalFat CarbosProtein
Breaded Chicken Sandwich600 25g60g30g
Broiled Chicken Sandwich40017g36g26g
Chicken Tenders, 4 Piece34016g24g24g
Chicken Tenders, 6 Piece52017g60g29g
Spicy Chicken Sandwich 51025g36g36g

Portillo’s provides detailed Nutrition and Allergen information for all of its menu items on its website.

For more details visit the: portillosmenuprices.online


What is the healthiest item on the Portillo’s menu?

For a nutritious choice at Portillo’s, consider the Portillo’s Salad with grilled chicken – boasting just 380 calories, it serves as a excellent protein and fiber-rich option.

What are some low-calorie options at Portillo’s?

Discover some calorie-conscious choices at Portillo’s, such as the all-inclusive hot dog, the cheese-free chopped salad and a side of fruit.

What is the nutrition information on Portillo’s Italian Beef?

One serving of Portillo’s Italian Beef Sandwich provides 60g of total carbs, 60g of net carbs, 20g of Fat, 20g of Protein, and 530 Calories.

How many calories are in Portillo’s bread?

A single serving of Portillo’s Sides Fresh Baked House Bread (full loaf) contains 100g of total carbs, 100g of net carbs, 0g of fat, 20g of protein, and 480 calories.

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